abandoned-templeThe story

Once upon a time in, the kingdom of Caerilan, lived a hero named Tass who sealed the forcesof evil into a strange dark portal that appeared in an abandoned temple on Mount Novalon.

This young hero sacrificed his life to save his comrades by entering the portal and closing it from the other side.

It has been a thousand years since the portal has been sealed. Monsters are still living and spreading themselves in the kingdom and to other continents as well.

However, many countries multiplied their military effectives to push away any possible invasion.

These monster hunters are being overwhelmed by new kinds of fiends that are being stronger and harder to kill for the last few months.

Some villagers are turning their eyes towards Mount Novalon since the clouds above its peak are growing darker and scarier every day.

Is history repeating itself?

Is the portal really sealed?

Is the portal reopened?

Nobody knows… and it seems like the last scouts never came back…