Barlagg Erestor

Monster hunter apprentice

Barlagg is a young man from Kastlegard, training to become a monster hunter as Lenwe’s apprentice. He his a cheerful young fellow how loves to draw his sword and fight monsters around Kastlegard.

He wishes to become a great monster hunter and a renowned knight under Kastlegard’s King’s orders.
Bravery is a trait that overcomes fear to face dangers. Combined with honor and duty, it is that condition in which the safety and happiness of another person is more important than your own.

Lenwe Elensar

Captain of the royal knights

Lenwe is the captain of Katlegard’s royal knights. He took Barlagg under his wing when he became leader of the King’s army at the age of 19.

He lives to fulfill his dream of leaving the castle’s walls and become a farmer on his own lands where no monsters would live.
Being a knight doesn't mean you protect the king. Being a knight means that the whole country depends on you!

Chris Hartfilia


Chris is an wandering author who lost his memory. For some reasons, he is able to use magic spells found in ancient books that he can decipher.

Nobody knows where he is from but at night, when he sleeps, he dreams about a futuristic place.
I don't remember what happened to me but it must have been bad because my head still hurts!

Amyra Calmcacil


Amyra, this young Ajanna’s specie woman, is a young priestess with tremendous capacities. Intrigued by the beastman Barlagg, she decides to join his ranks to be able to learn more about this specie which, according to her, is a mythical specie that disappeared many centuries ago.

Having the possibility to cure and heal wounds of her companions, she will also demonstrate great capabilities to capture creatures and take control of them in order to get them to fight for her.
Your fur... it's so soft that it makes us want to snuggle.