Why you little glitcher! You dare use the KONAMI CODE on our website? Well… in that case… this means that you know how to glitch or how to cheat in older video games!

What’s this glitch and cheat all about?

In Barlagg’s Quest, you will have to find easter eggs and some dungeons, summons, items and spells can only be found by doing some glitchy or cheaty stuff… just like in older Final Fantasy games where you could walk through walls, the Lucky Seven glitch from Final Fantasy VII, the Palm Tree 8 sign from Final Fantasy Adventure, the Pokemon Glitchy City and many more!

Now… to show you about these glitches and cheats, you might as well pay attention to the following lines :

In Barlagg’s Quest Pre-Alpha Demo, there is a way to Keep playing after heading to Kastlegard.

Really? How?

Barlagg's Quest Little Glitch

When you wake up in the forest, you are close to a save point. However, if you look closely, there is a bunch of flowers on the ground on the left side of the map.

When you step on them and you hit the Action button, you will be engaged in a battle against two bats. After the fight, you will have triggered a switch in the game that will allow you to keep moving after heading to Kastlegard.

Cool! Is there any other cheat or glitch in the Pre-Alpha?

Well… you know that you “should” be able to find Pixie, one of the summons. We won’t tell you “how” to find her… but let’s say this : you can find her in the forest part where you meet Chris. Of course, she’s not easy to find so you will have to figure a way to reach her.

Can you find her?

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