Barlagg's Quest
Barlagg’s Quest – PC Pre-Alpha 0.1.4
26 March 2017

We have some great news for you folks!

We are now having our brand new Barlagg’s Quest 2.0 demo available for browser play on Indiexpo!

That means that you can browse over their website at and try our new Barlagg’s Quest demo! The new one is full of little bugs because it’s still under complete recoding but you will be able to try the game with the new head up display.

The new HUD provides way more than our very first pre-alpha demo of the game. Added to that the multiple layering for the battle system, the weather system and many other awesome new changes!

Try it!

Love it!

Share it!

Patrick Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay
As the game creator, Patrick Tremblay is the one coding the game. However, the best part of his work is the fact that he's having fun coding the game with his daughter and son.

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