Barlagg’s Quest – PC Pre-Alpha 0.1.4

We’re back on Kickstarter!
8 March 2017
Great news for us!
2 August 2017
Barlagg's Quest

Dear Barlagg’s Quest friends and followers,

Here’s our little surprise for this week : we just released a pre-alpha version of Barlagg’s Quest for PC this week.

It has been tested by some of our followers and they all were extatic and satisfied by the game so far!

What are the Barlagg’s Quest PC differences

The main difference between the mobile and the PC version of the game is the removal of the gamepad. You can play with your mouse and keyboard without any issues. Some gamepads are working with the game but we are still managing to make all of them work properly.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

  1. Arrows to move;
  2. Enter to confirm;
  3. Escape to open menu or cancel selection.

We’re still on Kickstarter


We managed to make some extra updates to our game to make it more interesting for people to fund on Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform and we lowered the targeted amount.

Since we need help from Android developers to be able to manage content download and content updates, we are managing to reach the targeted amount to be able to cover development fees.


Download Barlagg’s Quest PC version

PC Pre-Alpha

Patrick Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay
As the game creator, Patrick Tremblay is the one coding the game. However, the best part of his work is the fact that he's having fun coding the game with his daughter and son.

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