Barlagg's Quest
Barlagg’s Quest – Update 0.1.4
23 February 2017
Barlagg's Quest
Barlagg’s Quest – PC Pre-Alpha 0.1.4
26 March 2017

ThKickstarteris is it, folks!

We are finally back on Kickstarter to show our game to people!

We need your help! If you can’t afford helping us out, it only takes two seconds to share our link to your family and friends over social medias!

This is an awesome moment for all my family! You should have seen how¬†exited were Amelie and Christopher when I hit the green “Launch” button on Kickstarter a few minutes ago!

We believe in family, friendship and, of course, old-school RPG fans!

Click on the link below!!!


Patrick Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay
As the game creator, Patrick Tremblay is the one coding the game. However, the best part of his work is the fact that he's having fun coding the game with his daughter and son.

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