Barlagg’s Quest – Update 0.1.4

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Release date change
30 November 2016
We’re back on Kickstarter!
8 March 2017
Barlagg's Quest

Dear Barlagg’s Quest friends and followers,

We heard your first reviews of Barlagg’s Quest demo version 0.1.3 and made some subtle but awesome changes to the game.

What are the Barlagg’s Quest reviews

Many of you said that the gamepad was a bit too small so it was difficult for people to travel through Caerilan properly. We were told, too, that using the gamepad in battles was preventing people to see the character’s picture as well as HP, MP and TP. Finally, we were told that the game was a bit slow on some devices. Some people mentionned that the demo was too short and that it did not reflect most parts of the games and this, however, is normal! We did not want people to have full access to too many parts of the game yet since it is still in development. Some people received informations on “how to access more contents” of the game since they are making a review of it.

What are the 0.1.4 update changes?

In the new 0.1.4 version of the game, we :

  1. Changed the gamepad for a bigger one;
  2. Removed the gamepad from fights : from now on, the gamepad will only be available on maps and menus;
  3. Lowered graphics quality (but you won’t even notice) to make game lighter and faster;
  4. Added 8 directions gamepad : from now on, you can walk diagonally too!;
  5. Modified some shadings and fadings that weren’t right on Android.

We’re back on Kickstarter


We managed to make some extra updates to our game to make it more interesting for people to fund on Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform and we lowered the targeted amount.

Since we need help from Android developers to be able to manage content download and content updates, we are managing to reach the targeted amount to be able to cover development fees.


Download Barlagg’s Quest new update

To be able to download this brand new version to your Android device, remember to activate unknown sources.


Patrick Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay
As the game creator, Patrick Tremblay is the one coding the game. However, the best part of his work is the fact that he's having fun coding the game with his daughter and son.

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