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23 November 2016
Barlagg's Quest
Barlagg’s Quest – Update 0.1.4
23 February 2017
Solarfun Games Studios

We, at Solarfun Games Studios, just released a new update about Barlagg’s Quest‘s release date on mobile devices.

Release date is now 2017

Due to some issues, we’re unable to offer the full mobile game at our expected release date of December 1st 2016. In fact, we’re managing to extend our release date to June 2017.

However, since we know how much you’ve been waiting for the game, we’ll be having a little surprise for you guys.

We’re heading into a really exciting year for Barlagg’s Quest and that also means that we’ll be releasing the game and lots of contents and updates in our first year’s release!

A computer version of Barlagg’s Quest

A PC version of the game will be available by the beginning of January 2017.¬† This way, you’ll be able battle ferocious demons and fiends in scary dungeons on your computer.

With this, we will be having enough time to manage our mobile device’s release and we will be able to add some extra features to our game.

Ever wanted to battle your own boss?

On top of this, we are creating an awesome Design-a-boss contest! You’re wishing to see your scariest and evilest wicked monstruosity being ass-kicked by Barlagg and his friends? Well, we’re counting on you to show us your talents! Send us an image and a description of your boss’ talents and wicked spells! As a result, we’ll create a dungeon that will be as hideous as your creation.

Finally, the first PC release will be a demo, then published as a full game in a near future.

If you ever wish to participate in the contest, send us your stuff at

To have a beta access to our PC demo version, feel free to send us a request at

If you ever wish to cover the game for a press release, send us a request at

Patrick Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay
As the game creator, Patrick Tremblay is the one coding the game. However, the best part of his work is the fact that he's having fun coding the game with his daughter and son.

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