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Try the web version on IndiExpo.Net

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Patrick Tremblay

Conceptor | Programmer

Main conceptor of Barlagg's Quest game, Patrick Tremblay is the author behind the texts which brought the game to life.

These texts, written in high school, were awarded in litteracy Richelieu contests and allowed him to be released in the XYZ novel with the help of his french teacher.

Amélie Tremblay

Level Designer

Aged 10, Amelie Tremblay is the conceptor's daughter. She decided to get involved in the making of Barlagg's Quest by providing basic dungeons to be developed and modified for the game.

With her dynamic imagination and her great skills, she is an awesome asset to the game and loved to help out.

Christopher Tremblay

Character creator

Aged 9, Christopher Tremblay is the conceptor's son. Willing to help out as much as possible, he proposed to provide characters, both playable and non-playable, for Barlagg's Quest.

With is great enthusiasm and his funny side, he loves to bring joy and happiness even in harsh times and he loves to propose new characters that makes the game truly original.